Language matters and so do allies

As the news spreads of Dyson Heydon's sexual misconduct and it is reported that Three women to sue former High Court judge Dyson Heydon over sexual harassment allegations it is clear that there remains much work to do. Although Heydon says, in a statement released via his lawyers,  that he "emphatically [denies] any allegation of... Continue Reading →

Conversations with Annie and Kate – podcast links

Here are the links to some of the podcast platforms where you can get our podcast Conversations with Annie & Kate. The video is on our YouTube channel and the audio is available here: Apple Jiosaavn–Kate//1//z3-zQui7RGA_ Deezer Podchaser Podcastaddict Google Podcasts Spotify iHeart Pocket Casts Castbox  

We started a podcast

This is the first episode of new a podcast - hosted by Annie Parker and Kate Carruthers. The podcast is called Conversations with Annie & Kate. We were warned not to do this during a pandemic, but thought what the heck. So the premise of the show is simple, we find an interesting women and... Continue Reading →

All women work

One of the things that has been impressed on me is how unequally this Covid19 pandemic is impacting on women. With headlines like COVID-19 has laid bare how much we value women’s work, and how little we pay for it and the Financial Times asking Is the coronavirus crisis taking women back to the 1950s?, and... Continue Reading →


It is always interesting to consider the beginnings of things. This site is born out of the tumult of life during the Covid19 pandemic, against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter movement, and in a time when a favourite author speaks out against trans people. I am tired of seeing women (and those who... Continue Reading →

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