We started a podcast

This is the first episode of new a podcast – hosted by Annie Parker and Kate Carruthers. The podcast is called Conversations with Annie & Kate. We were warned not to do this during a pandemic, but thought what the heck.

So the premise of the show is simple, we find an interesting women and talk to her over a drink. We try not to ask the usual questions. And we try to have an interesting chat.

Here is episode 1 – Carol Duncan she is a long time friend, Novacastrian Counciloor, and former ABC radio personality. Enjoy 🙂

Carol Duncan is a media and communications professional with a radio career that spanned 25 years around Australia in both commercial radio (1989 – 2001) and as the presenter of a daily program on ABC Local Radio (2001 – 2014). She is a highly experienced writer, interviewer, speaker, consultant, and multi-platform content creator in areas including news, health, education, science, politics and music.



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