Dr Desirée Kozlowski – researcher on pleasure and human resilience

This time our guest is Dr Desirée Kozlowski. She has done some fascinating research on the importance of emotional intelligence in clinical settings, and on gender roles, and she also teaches undergraduate psychology at Southern Cross University.

We had a wide ranging discussion that included how to find your happy place, and the importance of understanding what grounds you. With added nerdy t-shirts!

Dr Desirée Kozlowski is an Australian researcher and author who also runs the undergraduate psychology program at Southern Cross University. She has a particular focus on pleasure and its relationship to human resilience, well-being and flourishing, and also researches gender roles. Desirée has a background in the corporate world but now works on collaborative research projects and on sharing research findings in an entertaining and accessible way with audiences of all kinds. She has a First Class Honours degree and PhD in Psychology, is a University Medallist, and in 2019 won the Southern Cross University Impact Award for Teaching Excellence.


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