Kim Crawley – Cybersecurity writer and autistic advocate

Our guest on the pod today is Kim Crawley, who got her start in cybersecurity via an interest in malware. She shared about her career journey, and about her experiences as a neurodivergent person who is also a self-advocate for the autism community (check out the hashtag #ActuallyAutistic) . Kim also shares some good tips for staying safe online.

Check it out in video format below or audio on your favourite podcast app.

Kim Crawley is dedicated to researching and writing about a plethora of cybersecurity issues. Some of the companies Kim has worked for over the years include Sophos, AT&T Cybersecurity, BlackBerry Cylance, Tripwire, and Venafi.

All matters red team, blue team, and purple team fascinate her. But she’s especially fascinated by malware, social engineering, and advanced persistent threats.

Kim’s extracurricular activities include running an online cybersecurity event called DisInfoSec, and autistic self-advocacy. When she’s not working, Kim loves JRPGs (especially the Persona series), trying to cook Japanese and Korean dishes, goth music and fashion, and falling down Wikipedia and TV Tropes rabbit holes.


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