Erin Riley – communicator, PhD researcher, community activist, and mum

This time our guest is someone I’ve known for years via a group of policy wonks who used to meetup in Sydney pubs. Erin Riley is a communicator, PhD researcher, community activist, and mum. She shared with us some insights into her life as a carer, PhD researcher, small business owner, and a mother. Another interesting chat, enjoy.

Erin Riley is a writer, student, professional communicator and parent. She’s really interested in how to make the world a better place, and what she can do to help get there.

Erin in her second year of a PhD in Communication at UTS, looking at developing a best practice for engaging with stakeholders who are hurt by public policy decisions. She is also the co-founder of Find A Bed, an organisation that matches people who have been affected by bushfires with people who can provide accommodation or help in other ways.

Erin has writing extensively about issues from sport and gender to parenting and baking. Her work has appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, ABC Online, SBS, Popsugar and The Guardian. She also was the media lead for the 2017 Women’s March Sydney.


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