Pia Andrews – open source ninja and award winning public service leader

This time our guest is the open source ninja and award winning public service leader Pia Andrews. Annie and I had a fascinating chat with Pia. We discussed the challenges of remote working in the time of covid, how she undertakes servant leadership to build her teams, and about her hope for the future of public service and the delivery of joined up government services for citizens.

I am often inspired when chatting with Pia – her optimism for the future gives me hope that there are practical steps we can take to build a better future for all of us.

Pia is currently the Digital Lead and Special Advisor for the Benefits Delivery Modernization program at Service Canada (ESDC) in Ottawa, Canada. There she is helping design and deliver a holistic and modern digital channel for the Canadian Government to deliver a delightful, dignified, user-centric, responsive and integrated digital journey that motivates and empowers people to help themselves.

Previously she was Executive Director, Digital Government Policy and Innovation for the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. She leads a team of policy, design, data, development and engagement experts to drive the digital transformation of NSW Government. with the view to improving the quality of life for the NSW community.

Pia lead the Service Innovation Lab in New Zealand, a cross agency funded and governed lab for collaborative, multi disciplinary, service design and delivery of life events based services. She has also worked previously at AUSTRAC, the Australian financial intelligence and regulation agency, in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet as Director for Data Infrastructure and Government Engagement, responsible for data.gov.au at the Department of Finance as Director of Coordination and Gov2.0, and as an adviser to Senator Kate Lundy.

Pia was recognised in 2018 as one of the global top 20 most influential in Digital Government and was awarded as one of the top 100 most influential women in Australian in 2014.


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