Yvonne Adele – technologist, public speaker and author

This time our guest is the amazing Yvonne Adele, who came to prominence as the media personality Ms Megabyte, and she has built a career on communicating about technology. Yvonne was Australia’s first lifestyle technology personality and is a technologist, public speaker, and author. Annie and I had a fascinating chat with her that ranged from starting a business to the importance of becoming your more authentic self.

Yvonne has also recently diversified into dress design with her new label Yvonne Adele Studio – which has created  “The ultimate range – a black dress for every occasion. Designed to ensure the perfect silhouette for every body shape.”

Yvonne Adele began her career with Microsoft Yvonne Adele Australia, UK and USA training, tech-support and education teams. Armed with this deep wealth of knowledge and experience, she returned home on a mission to help Australians learn to love technology.

She invented the Ms Megabyte persona leading to a national media profile and best-selling book.

This national profile led to invitations for corporate events.

Working so closely with event teams and corporate leaders Yvonne naturally began consulting in many of these businesses and now brings this diverse, rich and abundant well of knowledge back into her presentations.


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