Jane Gilmore – freelance journalist, author, and feminist

This time our guest is the remarkable Jane Gilmore. She is the fearless fixer of headlines, corrector of bad headlines about violence against women. Jane is also a thoughtful writer of pieces on politics, popular culture, and feminism. We had a intriguing chat about what not to do for self-care (protip: choccies and wine in excess), if 16 year olds should have a voice in parliament, and what keeps her fighting the good fight.

Jane Gilmore was the founding editor of The King’s Tribune. She has a Master of Journalism from the University of Melbourne and is now a freelance journalist and author, with a particular interest in feminism, media and data journalism.

Jane is the creator of the FixedIt campaign, which highlights victim blaming and erasure of male violence from news headlines. Her book FixedIt: Violence and the Representation of Women in the Media was published by Penguin Random House in August 2019.

Facebook: Jane Gilmore

Twitter: @JaneTribune

Instagram: FixedItHeadline


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