Jamie Klingler: publisher, event organiser, and activist

Jamie Klingler is a force of nature. Passionate and full of energy, with a current focus on the Reclaim these Streets movement in the UK.

Annie and I had a fascinating chat with Jamie, covering areas from her new business, the experience of covid lockdowns, to changing one’s life and habits and the challenges with family and friends when you do change.

Jamie Klingler is formerly Head of Publishing for ShortList and Stylist Magazines where she spent ten years building the brands and working on both editorial and brand activations.

She began her career working in film production, notably on Analyze This and Law & Order. Then moved to NBC and Corbis– a photo agency owned by Bill Gates. A bit of an unexpected opportunity to move to London with Corbis appeared and she re-located her life.

After 5 years as a International Licensing Manager for Celebrity Portraiture enabled her to have Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

Jamie  was one of the initial employees of Shortlist Media. She  launched ShortList as their Photo Director and Finance Manager. Over the past ten years with ShortList and Stylist, she became the Head of Publishing for the whole group.

Jamie invented National Burger Day and won Marketeer of the Year from the digital PPAs in 2016 and launched the Creative Influence Alliance.  She also created National Pizza Day with Foodism.

Jamie loves taking an idea and amplifying it into a national sensation. The latest one being a 5 day London Seafood Festival at the Battersea Power Station, which saw over 40,000 visitors in its second year.



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