Olympia Yarger – entrepreneur, insect farmer, and innovator

Annie and I had a fascinating chat with Olympia Yarger, it included fly sex, working in a male dominated industry, her lifelong dream to be a farmer, and the need to smash the patriarchy.

“Olympia Yarger is passionate about rural and regional communities and has worked across many different agricultural industries.

The Founder and CEO of Goterra, an insect farm based in Canberra, Olympia is committed to changing the landscape of livestock feed and redefining how we look at sustainable waste management solutions.

Olympia is focused on educating and developing opportunities to establish regionally based insect farms, by providing resources, mentoring and referral on the many ways insect farming can be successfully integrated into existing regional and agricultural ecosystems.

With no arable land required, and less than 1 L of water per kilo of protein, and efficient consumers of food and agricultural wastes, insect farming is an exciting opportunity for regionally based people who are interested in farming but cannot afford to invest in a conventional farming enterprise.

An emerging industry, insect farming is a vehicle to manage waste streams and is a viable and sustainable protein for aquaculture, pork, poultry and pets.”


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