Jane Caro – feminist, public school advocate, & writer

This time our guest is the delightfully feisty and articulate Jane Caro. We had a fascinating discussion that ranged across issues from how to be your authentic self to why women should not burn it all down right now. Jane Caro has a low boredom threshold and so wears many Continue Reading

Erin Riley – communicator, PhD researcher, community activist, and mum

This time our guest is someone I’ve known for years via a group of policy wonks who used to meetup in Sydney pubs. Erin Riley is a communicator, PhD researcher, community activist, and mum. She shared with us some insights into her life as a carer, PhD researcher, small business Continue Reading

Helena Dix – Maker of melodic noises, Aussie diva, and quarantine queen

On this episode we had a chat with Australian opera singer Helena Dix while she and Annie are in the same COVID quarantine hotel in Sydney. Helena shared some fascinating insights into the early years of her career, how she is working to make opera a better place for the Continue Reading

Dr Amy Coopes: hack-turned-quack, doctor, journalist, parent

Our guest this time is Dr Amy Coopes – journalist, writer and editor at Croakey News, a social journalism collective for health, and a junior doctor with the Victorian Rural Generalist Program. We had a fascinating chat that ranged from journalism in a post-truth and post-consequence world to the life Continue Reading

Dr Desirée Kozlowski – researcher on pleasure and human resilience

This time our guest is Dr Desirée Kozlowski. She has done some fascinating research on the importance of emotional intelligence in clinical settings, and on gender roles, and she also teaches undergraduate psychology at Southern Cross University. We had a wide ranging discussion that included how to find your happy Continue Reading

Michelle Duval – Life Coach, Author, Serial Entrepreneur

Michelle Duval is the founder and CEO of Fingerprint for Success – a startup that has done research into “statistically significant differences between the attitudes of successful entrepreneurs and business owners, and the rest of the working population”. Michelle wanted to use these insights  to help entrepreneurs and business owners Continue Reading

Pip Marlow, CEO, advocate for equity & inclusion for all

This time our guest is Pip Marlow, CEO, mother of warrior daughters, advocate for equity and inclusion for all, and a woman who is making her dad proud every day. Annie and I had a wide-ranging conversation with Pip that included daughters, dogs, surprises from new jobs, how netball became Continue Reading

Dr Devora Lieberman, fertility expert & menopause myth buster

This time our guest on Conversations with Annie & Kate is Dr Devora Lieberman. She is passionate about women’s health, is an acknowledged fertility specialist, and often writes and speaks about fertility-related issues to professional as well as consumer audiences. Here are some of the sites Devora mentioned in the podcast: https://www.menopause.org.au/ https://www.endometriosisaustralia.org/ Continue Reading

Annalie Killian – active innovator, connector of interesting people, and change-maker

This time our guest is Annalie Killian – once a catalyst for magic at a large financial services organisation she is an active innovator, connector of interesting people, and change-maker. Annalie has also worked out how to network using Zoom! Annalie’s life purpose is about connecting smart thinkers and do-ers Continue Reading

Damana Madden – software engineer, girl geek, technologist

For this episode of the Conversations with Annie & Kate we had another fascinating chat, this time with Damana Madden. Apart from having the coolest headphones, Damana has diverse experience working across many industries as a software engineer, and has some strongly held opinions. Damana Madden is a Software Development Manager at Amazon and an all Continue Reading

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